Gate and bridge cranes

Offered cranes gate and bridge are intended for applications of different kinds e.g. in stock squares, handling terminals, in ports, in halls, magazines and for other transport applications according to the need of the user.


Basic parameters of offered cranes:

  • Hoisting capacity from 0.5 t,
  • Group of straining the A1 work - A8,
  • Span depending on needs of the customer,
  • Guidance from the steering cabin, with the help of the radio or the cassette,
  • Steering permanent or passing cabin along with cart.

Offered cranes can be equipped with special prehensile devices for the transport of charges of different kind, among others:

  • Spreadery for the transport of containers,
  • Electromagnetic weirs,
  • Air weirs,
  • Special weirs designed to needs of the customer.


Our engineers have a long-term experience in designing and producing cranes to assembly, workshop works, in magazines and of special cranes for the smelting industry, and what is being combined with it have a knowledge specialist about conditions and the environment stood in manufacturing processes which lets for designing modern reliable devices.

We offer the full scope of lifting devices for the metallurgical industry up to every stage of manufacture stood.
We apply newest and innovative solutions of the technique, raising the safety and the work output in our cranes intended for the metallurgical industry.